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Optimizing Solutions SecureCell Service HIPPA Compliance Text Messaging
(HIPAA Compliant Text Messaging)

SecureCell allows healthcare organizations and individuals, whether licensed together or separately, to communicate patient data via secure text messaging to clinician and patient mobile devices.  With SecureCell™, all medical professionals can send and receive text messages with protected PHI (Patient Health Data) across platforms on smartphones, tables and web-client enabled computer workstations.  Our exclusive solution, Serverless Encryption SM, means only your device holds the private encryption key.  It is never transmitted or copied.  No back doors, no administrator access and no carrier servers to retain your messages.  Ever!  Only you and the intended recipient hold the keys to read your messages.


  • No Subpoenas – Serverless Encryptionsm = No stored PHI.  No other public or private entity can read your messages or be subpoenaed later.

  • No Facility Admin Access – Facilities Administrators do not have access to messages.

  • Selective Remote Message Delete – Users may selectively or en mass delete messages remotely.  Send a message and remove it, on demand, from any device.

  • Third Party Messaging Support – Other services require users to be a member of a paid group.  SecureCell supports individual subscribers and communication with both individuals and groups.

  • Admin Policy for mobile retention periods – Set your own from 1 – 30 days.

  • Over 12 years of HIPAA Experience – A proven, real-world solution that works.

  • Quick, Intuitive Set-Up – Intuitive screens get you set-up quickly, without monopolizing your phone.






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