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If you only have portions of documentation that needs to be dictated, we can do only that part of transcription for you. Your documentation can be done directly in your EMR (Electronic Medical Record) or we have our own web-based platform. 


Our web-based transcription platform is designed to integrate smoothly with your day-to-day operations. 


Physicians can review, edit and electronically sign transcription from any PC, tablet or smartphone.


Dictation options include:

  • Phone-in dictation

  • Handheld digital recorder 

  • SpeechMike

  • Mobile Android or iPhone app 

  • Computer microphone


Report delivery options include:

  • Inputted into your existing system

  • Sent to desktop folders

  • Securely emailed

  • Fax

  • Available 24/7 on our HIPAA compliant platform with PC, tablet or smartphone


Electronic Health Records (EHR) technology enables practice and their healthcare partners to achieve a consistent flow of patient data between acute care systems, physicians and their teams.




A huge selling point for many EHR vendors was to tell providers you would be able to completely eliminate transcription.  What they didn’t tell you was, at what cost?


For example, a busy orthopedic surgeon can see as many as 40 or 50 patients per day during office hours – leaving little time to do the necessary documenting of the patient visit required for insurance filing and for continuity of patient care.


For some orthopedic surgeons, the use of electronic health records relieves some of that time pressure through the use of “point and click” tools that enable physicians to document the patient encounter directly on their computers.  But for others, those same tools can hurt productivity and add as much as an extra hour to the surgeon’s workday.


Study after study shows that “point and click” template-driven EHR systems cost you time and revenue.  Physicians complain that  the intensive data entry required in most programs turns them into clerks, slows productivity and turns “face time” with the patient into “screen time”.

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