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Frequently Asked Questions Answered | Optimizing Solutions | Lake Worth Florida

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I outsource transcription?
    There are many benefits to outsourcing transcription, the most significant is cost savings. Outsourcing transcription services provides lower overhead, no payroll or benefit expenses and eliminates the costs of turnover, hiring, and training. Also, you never have to worry about managing backlogs because of vacation and illness.
  • Can transcription be uploaded to my EMR?
    Absolutely, this is part of our regular transcription service. You can dictate the portions of the patient record that you feel need more detail and use the point and click features for the rest.
  • What is the turnaround time?
    This is customized to your needs. You will have your reports when you need them.
  • Are we required to sign a long-term contract and what types of contracts are available?
    We do not. We just ask as a courtesy to please give a 30-day notice should your needs change.
  • What dictation methods and/or equipment will I need?
    We offer digital dictation options that allow you to dictate without purchasing any additional equipment. We offer 24/7 telephone dictation, mobile app, SpeechMike, computer microphone or a digital voice recorder.
  • Am I able to use my existing templates, formats, and normals for transcribed reports?"
    We can incorporate any templates, formats, or your “normal” you routinely use in your dictation. When your account is set up, we work with you to ensure your reports are formatted exactly the way you want them.
  • What are some of your quality assurance standards?
    We pride ourselves on our mentoring program. Once all the supervisors have transcribed for a while to get to know the account, work is then assigned to a specific transcriptionist. A Quality Assurance (QA) editor/transcription manager reviews the transcriptions until they feel the MT has a strong grasp of the work. We typically assign a few transcriptionists to the same client so that they all become familiar with your dictation style to ensure quality and a quicker turnaround time. This way, we also always have a transcriptionist to cover your account.
  • How do you charge for transcription and what constitutes a line of transcription?
    We charge using a variety of methods: Per line basis. We use an industry standard 65-character line where a character is defined as any letter, number, symbol, or punctuation in the body of the document, including spaces, tabs and hard returns. Per Page. Per Audio Minute. Per Report
  • Pricing
    Optimizing Solutions maintains competitive pricing in line with industry standards. In addition, we provide reliable, accurate, prompt service with exceptional customer service. For a quote, please fill out the attached Price Worksheet and submit via email or call us today at (561) 386-1200 so we can discuss an exact price to fit your transcription budget and needs.
  • We offer a robust amount of features for the flexibility you need.
    Turnaround time customized to your specific needs. We will upload the transcription directly to your EMR as part of our service. 24/7 Dictate using a telephone, iPhone or Android app, digital recorder, SpeechMike, or computer microphone. 24/7 Access to your online archived files from any web enabled PC, tablet or Smart Phone. Automatic online faxing or secure emailing of each document to you and/or your referring physicians. Automatic download delivery of reports directly to your PC. Review, edit, and approve files online. Option to use electronic signature. Receive your documents on your letterhead. Security: 128 bits SSL encryption, fully HIPAA compliant. Secure online encrypted, password protected access to patient records. We provide dependable, accurate, prompt, and economical transcription services and keep up with the latest technology to provide you with the most efficient services. We work with you and your office staff to assure that all your transcription needs are met and exceeded.

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